SCX - prototype stage

Hallo guys.

I have not added much last couple of months. I have been quite busy setting up business and working for a couple of clients.

Well, I just saw that you guys keep coming back on my blog! - revisiting... - sometimes even 100 people a day! Thank you for "stopping by"!!!.

Below, you can see what is happening with SCX project right now. I am very excited as it is approaching the full scale prototype. Here a small teaser that I got fresh from my homeland:)

Great respect to all people involved.

stay tuned in guys,

I wish you all good luck and full energy levels pursuing career in cardesign!

 - Michal Vlcek -


Pretty awesome bunch

Guys these days will be remembered :) Thank you all,

- Michal Vlcek -

MG - some photos from clay model that did not share at the degree show time

Hi guys, I am back after almost 5 months. It has been really busy for me on confidential project so there is nothing right now I could share apart from some old photos. But soon one interesting project will be made public so I will make and update.

Stay tuned in..

- Michal Vlcek -



degree project - small model - movement :)

Three weeks ago I was in the pickle. I did not know where to finish the design of the interior and refine the animation or do the movable 1/10 scale model. There was no time to do both. I choose the second option, mainly because I have never done a physical model with moving capabilities and I wanted to prove myself that I can do that :). Now I succeeded and I got positive response from people having the possibility to move and see for them self how the package change according to the scenario.

thank you guys for your every day increasing visits

Now I am finally working on my portfolio that I have not updated since last christmas so that means basically starting all over again.

- Michal -


RCA SHOW - dinoc peel

I decided to peel some of the dinoc from the 1/4 scale model because it was not obvious enough that it is a clay model. By doing so I wanted to bring more attention to the small model, that represents mode developed stage of the project - with its transparent canopy & movement.

Modellers in MG did a great job with that 1/4 scale clay - Thank you guys.


high pressure - last day before the show - big thanks to Selim for helping me with photo shoot.

We all managed in these busy times.. Helped each other and produced a good show. I am proud to have been part of that.

- Michal Vlcek -